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The Muriel Steele Society Honor Roll

The annual Muriel Steele Society Honor Roll celebrates influential and inspiring women faculty, fellows and residents in surgery and surgical sub-specialties. Current trainees (both residents and medical students) are invited to nominate women who have had a positive impact on their training and the nominees are recognized at our annual Women in Surgery Reception.


Honor Roll 2021

UCSF General/Plastic Surgery Nancy Ascher, MD, PhD
Laura Barnes, MD
Jhoanne Bautista, MD, PhD
Marissa Boeck, MD, MPH
Tasce Bongiovanni, MD, MPP
Hillary Braun, MD
Hueylan Chern, MD
Caitlin Collins, MD, MPH
Nicole Conkling, MD
Patricia Conroy, MD
Hannah Decker, MD
Ceazon Edwards, MD
Rym El Khoury, MD
Laura Esserman, MD, MBA
Sandy Feng, MD, PhD
Alexa Glencer, MD
Clara Gomez-Sanchez, MD
Jade Hiramoto, MD
Cindy Huynh, MD
Yvonne Kelly, MD
Esther Kim, MD
Kimberly Kirkwood, MD
Lucy Kornblith, MD
Jasleen Kukreja, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Lancaster, MD
Carter Lebares, MD
Kelly Mahuron, MD
Caroline Melhado, MD
Sarah Mohamedaly, MD, MPH
Amanda Mueller, MD
Rita Mukhtar, MD
Audrey Nguyen, MD
Keon Young Park, MD, PhD
Keon Min Park, MD
Jenni Perri, MD, MBA
Merisa Piper, MD
Linda Reilly, MD
Marisa Schwab, MD
Julie Ann Sosa, MD, MA
Mika Varma, MD
Jasmine Wong, MD
Mignote Yilma, MD
Kaiser General Surgery Althaea Greenstone, MD
Susannah Rose, MD, PhD
UCSF East Bay Amal Khoury, MD, MPH
Katherine Stern, MD
UCSF Neurosurgery Arati Patel, MD
UCSF Obstetrics and Gynecology Eleanor Drey, MD, EdM
Rosanna Galzote-Carino, MD
Jolene Kokroko, MD, MPH
Jerrine Morris, MD
UCSF OHNS Anna Butrymowicz, MD, MS
Jolie Chang, MD
Marika Russell, MD
Nancy Wang, MD
Jacqueline Weinstein, MD
Mary Xu, MD
UCSF OMFS Minerva Loi, DDS, MD
UCSF Ophthalmology Lauren Hennein, MD
Yvonne Ou, MD
Sriranjani Padmanabhan, MD
Saras Ramanathan, MD
Julie Schallhorn, MD, MS
Gerami Seitzman, MD
Miel Sundararajan, MD
UCSF Orthopaedic Surgery Nicole Schroeder, MD
Rosanna Wustrack, MD
Melissa Zimel, MD
UCSF Urology Carissa Chu, MD
Domenique Escobar, MD
Lindsay Hampson, MD, MAS
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