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MSS Honor Roll - 2024

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2024 Honor Roll

The annual Muriel Steele Society Honor Roll celebrates influential and inspiring women and gender minority faculty, fellows and residents in surgery and surgical sub-specialties. Current learners (both residents and medical students) are invited to nominate women who have had a positive impact on their training and the nominees are recognized at our annual MSS Grand Rounds.

General  Surgery 

Tasce Bongiovanni MD, MPP, MHS  

Seung Ah Lee MD  

Elizabeth Lancaster MD  

Sabreea Parnell MD  

Patricia Conroy MD  

Oluseyi Akintorin MD, MPH  

Monica Goodstein MD  

Mignote Yilma MD  

Kelsey Rankin MD  

Karen Trang MD  

Chelsie Anderson MD, MS  

Caroline Melhado MD  

Caroline Stephens MD, MPH  

Audrey Brown MD  

Amandine Godier-Furnemont MD, PhD  

Alison Baskin MD  

Alexandria Highet MD, MSc  

Jessica Thiesmeyer MD  

Rita Mukhtar MD  

Heidi Nafday MD  

Laura Esserman MD, MBA  

Jasleen Kukreja MD, MPH  

Marissa Boeck MD, MPH  

Lan Vu MD  

Ava Yap MD, MHS  



Farnoosh Nik-Ahd MD  

Anne Suskind MD, MS, FACS, FPM-RS  

Michelle Van Kulken MD  

Leah Ibrahim Puri MD, MA  

Emily Hacker MD  

Sima Porten MD, MPH  

Carissa Chu MD  

Avery Braun MD  

Grace Lee MD  

Christi Butler MD  

Lindsay Hampson MD, MAS



Elena Haight MD 


Reilly Kidwell MD  

Line Jacques MD  

Doris Wang MD, PhD 


Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Jocelyn Chapman MD FACS FACOG 

Lee-May Chen MD 

Josie Urbina MD 

Tushani Illangasekare MD 

Rachel Levy MD 

Jeannette Lager MD MPH 

Meg/Amy Autry MD 

Marcelle Cedars MD


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 

Brooke Brannon DDS



Mary Jue Xu MD  

Michelle Florentine MD  

Patricia Loftus MD  

Jacqueline Harris MD  

Taylor Standiford Erickson MD  

Karolina Plonowska Hirschfeld MD  

Tania Benjamin MD  

Sifon Nidon MD  

Megan Durr MD  

Josephine Czechowicz MD, FAAP  

Jennifer Grandis MD  

Caroline Schlocker MD  

Vyvy Young MD, FACS  

Ana Marija Sola MD  

Grace Banik MD  

Katherine Wai MD  

Alexandra Bourdillon MD  

Anna Meyer MD 


Orthopaedic Surgery 

Stephanie Wong MD 

Nikki Schroeder MD